During our recent visit to the project in Lumperei we had a visit from Owen and his mother.  Now Owen has the wheelchair his life is much improved because his mother is able to take him outdoors; no more lying on the mud floor all day with little else to do.  He enjoys being in his wheelchair because he is able to see what is going on around him.

Sadly however other news about the family is not so good, they have recently been evicted from their home due to Owen’s mother inability to pay the rent.  They are living in one room of a neighbours house, and the situation was not looking good for them.  The local Church are trying to help but their resources are limited.  The family desperately need an home of their own, but the prospect for this to happen is not looking good as Owen’s mother is not able to work as she is the only person available to take care of Owen.

Owen has other needs that might improve is life, for instance regular physiotherapy on his legs, if this was possible it could lead to him potentially being able to stand with support of a frame or even sticks, but these cost and given the current situation this is most unlikely to happen.