Lumperie Primary School Head Teacher Mr Fredrick Dungu

Lumperie Primary School Head Teacher Mr Fredrick Dungu

Fredrick took over has Head Teacher in January 16, since then the standard of the education being taught as significantly improved. I first met Fredrick in May 16, it was during this meeting that I learned the teachers had not been paid since March. This was surprising news for me to hear because we had been informed in March that all the teachers salaries had been paid. I then understood that this would be a typical response to questions; yes teachers had been paid to the end of February, but it was not revealed that there was no funds available to pay the March Salaries.

This response is indicative of the attitude of the Ugandan People, not to beg, but to hope that the children’s school fees would be paid, then the teachers would be paid. It was not until later I discovered that Fredrick had not been paid since taking the post of Head Teacher in January, preferring that the limited funds available were shared amongst the teachers, rather than having a share for himself. I am convinced that it is this selfless attitude  that encouraged the teaching staff to continue even though they did not know when and if they would be paid.

How Fredrick survived without being paid is amazing, but not necessarily a total surprise, the Ugandan’s are generous with what little they have and it is because of this spirit of generosity that he did survive.

Currently we have been able to support by providing approximately 50 percent of the Teacher’s Salary cost, therefore each teacher is effectively on half pay, that is half pay of an average salary of £40.00 per month, even this is below the national average for teachers in Uganda. Therefore our teachers are currently receiving  about 1 third of the national average salary per month

We need more support if we are to achieve a living wage for our teachers at Lumperie Primary School, if you would like to support please go to our donate page, there you will find information on how you can help.