A small team will be returning to Lumperie in November 2016.FenceplantsWe plan to install a boundary fence around the school, which currently is very open and is easy for anyone to enter the site. The fence will consist of concrete posts strung with wire and interspersed with a prickly bush planting. The purpose is to make the site more secure for the protection of the children, particularly the boarders, it will also help with the security when we start building projects that will include the use of high value equipment and materials. The soft fencing option has been chosen because it will be more in-keeping with the surrounding environment, but still provide an effective deterrent to opportunity thief’s.

We would also like to address some of the issues related to the class rooms, the roof on the new block needs to be tied down and barge boards fitted, if this is not done then there is a risk the roof could be blown off with a strong wind. The internal side walls also need to be rendered and painted, this will help to make the classrooms lighter and enhance the working environment for the children and teachers. The photograph was taken in November 15 when we rendered the outside and the internal end walls, since this was taken we have also installed metal windows and doors

The cost of this work is estimated at £2,000 if you would like to support this project click the Donate Button on our front page.