Uganda 2017 is officially underway!


It was pitch black when she sleepily left Lighthouse at 3am, and now, 21 hours later it’s pitch black again, except this time we’re in the humidity of Entebbe.

To give you some maths…. 13 people are in the team, and between us we have 26 suitcases containing around 2500 pairs of knickers, 750 handmade reusable sanitary towels, 7 walking sticks, school uniforms, football kits, wool, medical supplies, educational materials… and a guitar! At least, that’s the situation in theory…. In reality, only 8 of us have made it outside the airport, only 2 of us have our personal suitcases, and we’re missing about 4 cases of equipment. 3 super smooth flights all ran to time, but just with not enough space for all the luggage. 2.5 hours after landing in Uganda, and the rather complicated administration requirements are still ongoing to (hopefully) reunite us with all our bags in the next 24hrs.

Those of us outside have set up camp, and been sharing what insect repellent we have between us; the mozzies are out in force on us already. We’ve been joined by Pastor Steve Musisi who despite the late hour, is already immersed in a deep conversation with Derek. We’re all exhausted, we’ve no idea what time we might make it to bed… but spirits are good….

We’re thankful for flights which ran to time

We’re thankful to all be here safely

We’re thankful for some great conversations had with our fellow passengers during the flight

We’re thankful it’s not raining while we wait outside,

We’re thankful for the ideas being shared of how we can adapt the programme while we wait for the rest of our kit to arrive

We’re thankful to still be finding things to laugh about.

But we really need sleep, and the prompt arrival of our remaining cases would be really great answer to prayer.