During our mission to the Primary School at Lumperie during Oct 15 we planned to install a water tank to collect rain water from the school roof. Part of this project was to include the installation of a Water Filter System.  The Water Filter had been kindly donated by Global Water Solutions Africa in partnership with Next Filtration based in Holt Norfolk England.  I would like to thank Mike at Next Filtration and Jessica of Global Water Solutions for their perseverance in ensuring the system arrived in Uganda prior to our arrival.  Sadly in spite of their efforts, although the System arrived in Uganda due to the customs process we were not able to take delivery prior to our departure. However we were able to build the Water Tank and fix the guttering to the roof line to harvest the rain water. Therefore a priority task for Ian and me was to ensure that the Filter was installed during our visit in May this year


Water Tank built in October 15, with builder John building the base and plumer Andrew preparing the connecting pipes prior to the installation of the Water Filter System in May 16.

Having this Water Tank and Filter will make a big difference to the school, prior to this water was collected from a bore hole about 500 meters away, using 25 ltr  containers, as you may imagine with up to 300 people on site many trips were required each day to keep up the supply. Then the water had to be boiled before it could be drunk, this often meant leaving in the sun to let the heat of the day cook the water to kill bacteria. Now the rain water is collected and stored ready for use and with the Filter there is a constant supply of purified water.

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