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Author: Derek Baldry

Family Need Help

This child was knocked down by a motorcycle, suffering a broken limp and head injuries. Often when the unexpected happens in Uganda finding the money need can be beyond the means of the family. That is the case for the parents of this child, they need help, can you help? If you would like to help this child or others in similar circumstances click our donate page. Recent up dates, the child’s Name is Luyiga Regan, he was taken to a local hospital and the Doctor has referred him to a Hospital in Kampala, this is about 3 hours drive. currently Luyiga’s parents have taken him home. We are not sure what they intend to do next, but I suspect that lack of funds is a major reason why they are not already on the way to the Hospital in Kampala   Thank you   Derek...

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Children Lumpewe Primary School Uganda

These beautiful children are being supported by Reed People a project of Lighthouse Charity Trust, but if we are to help more children like them we need your help. Can you commit to support the work we are doing, £10.00 month will go a long way in Uganda, it will pay a teachers salary for a week, provide food for a child or pay the wage of the security guard for a whole month blood pressure medicine lisinopril. We thank you for your...

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Head Teacher Mr Fredrick Dungu

Fredrick took over has Head Teacher in January 16, since then the standard of the education being taught as significantly improved. I first met Fredrick in May 16, it was during this meeting that I learned the teachers had not been paid since March. This was surprising news for me to hear because we had been informed in March that all the teachers salaries had been paid. I then understood that this would be a typical response to questions; yes teachers had been paid to the end of February, but it was not revealed that there was no funds...

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Presentation on Reed People Project

    At Lighthouse Community Church, a short presentation on Reed People, On Sunday 24th July at 10.15am a time of Worship, Teaching and Prayer, during the meeting Ian Mutton and Derek Baldry will make a short presentation on the Reed People Project; which is working in partnership with African Child Development Trust, Uganda. This will be an opportunity to hear about the project from its beginning to the present and the future. Tea and Coffee will be served after the meeting and you will have opportunity to ask questions. We look forward to welcoming you.  ...

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Where are the Teachers

During a recent visit to the Lumperie School, on arrival we discovered that the teachers had not been paid since February, this was most disappointing news to receive.  To the teachers credit they are still turning up and teaching the children, I did not hear one grumble of complaint from them.  Ask yourself the question how long would you go to work if you did not know when or if you would actually be paid? Fortunately we with the support of Lighthouse Charity Trust were able to redress some of the arrears of pay, but not all. We need your...

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