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Author: Gareth Gabriel

April 4th 2017

It’s hard to pinpoint where day 1 ended and day 2 started, but it was around 2am when we made it Namirimbe Guest House in Kampala and finally fell into bed. The bus ride from the airport was a tad different to our experience getting to Norwich – high speed, lashing rain and a near miss with military vehicles, who had switch the street lights off in order to move ammunition under the cover of darkness. You don’t get that going through Felbrigg. Morning broke, as almost did Clare overnight, when she discovered her bed was somewhat incomplete. The...

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April 3rd 2017

Uganda 2017 is officially underway!   It was pitch black when she sleepily left Lighthouse at 3am, and now, 21 hours later it’s pitch black again, except this time we’re in the humidity of Entebbe. To give you some maths…. 13 people are in the team, and between us we have 26 suitcases containing around 2500 pairs of knickers, 750 handmade reusable sanitary towels, 7 walking sticks, school uniforms, football kits, wool, medical supplies, educational materials… and a guitar! At least, that’s the situation in theory…. In reality, only 8 of us have made it outside the airport, only...

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Help Owen

<iframe class='youtube-player' type='text/html' width='1080' height='638' src=' lisinopril’ allowfullscreen=’true’ style=’border:0;’> Lighthouse Community Church whilst on mission in 2015 provided Owen with a wheelchair, Owen and his family are still in need. Lighthouse Charity Trust established Reed People meet the Practical, Physical and Spiritual needs of individuals and people groups worldwide. Reed People are now taking the work started by Pastor Dave Slater on as one of our...

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