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Author: Gareth Gabriel

April 9th 2017

  Sunday. Day of rest. Or if you’re in Uganda, the day we need to accommodate 3 churches, pay our respects at a mass grave and distribute more food… Tim is the newest recruit to Club Imodium, but he’s got a sermon to prepare with the newly ordained Pastor Sophie, so powering through is the only option! But first, a mention of our team t-shirts. They’ve served us well (& we’re thankful to Tim & Sophie for the design and Logowear for the production), but after several days or relentless use in the African heat, it’s fair to say...

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April 8th 2017

  Saturday! Where is the week going? Today is all about feeding and football (but not concurrently; guidelines suggest waiting an hour after eating before participating in exercise). On the journey in, Matt pumped up the 4 footballs – one green, red, blue and yellow. To our disappointment, the red one appeared to have a slow puncture, so Ian lobbed it out of the bus window to a little group of utterly delighted boys. Hold on to that thought for later. We planned to distribute the bags of food at 2pm, yet people had been sat in the heat...

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April 7th 2017

And then there were 12. Rachel spent the night being very unwell (turns out Sarah is a very understanding roommate) and has sadly been confined to bed, hoping to join the team in the afternoon if the sickness etc eases. Uganda isn’t the best place to be so poorly, but Rachel is thankful for such a caring team. Meanwhile…. (& there is some irony here) it was a day of things seemingly wanting to multiply all around… TEACHING Today was t-shirt decorating day! We were touched to see some of the children wearing their shirts from the last trip...

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April 6th 2017

Day two of our work in the school and village, with lots to be done. Derek was up and out early securing prices and products to make up the food parcels ready for Saturday, which meant a slightly slower start for the rest of us. The children greeted us with waves, shouts and cheers again, and we were mobbed as we got off the bus, all of them keen to hold a hand, grab an arm or lean in for a hug. Their little faces and big smiles are hard to resist, and a moment of kindness towards them...

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April 5th 2017

We woke up to the fantastic news that the 16 missing cases have been located! According to a rather helpful chap named Roger, our cases are on Ugandan soil and should be delivered to the guest house later today – remains to be seen if the 15 cases we receive are the correct ones, but let’s not get caught up on detail. And so. To the village we go! We were greeted by 300 children who had prepared a selection of songs and dances to welcome us to their school. Once the children were all back in their classrooms...

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