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Month: June 2016

Where are the Teachers

During a recent visit to the Lumperie School, on arrival we discovered that the teachers had not been paid since February, this was most disappointing news to receive.  To the teachers credit they are still turning up and teaching the children, I did not hear one grumble of complaint from them.  Ask yourself the question how long would you go to work if you did not know when or if you would actually be paid? Fortunately we with the support of Lighthouse Charity Trust were able to redress some of the arrears of pay, but not all. We need your...

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Help Owen Up Date

During our recent visit to the project in Lumperei we had a visit from Owen and his mother.  Now Owen has the wheelchair his life is much improved because his mother is able to take him outdoors; no more lying on the mud floor all day with little else to do.  He enjoys being in his wheelchair because he is able to see what is going on around him. Sadly however other news about the family is not so good, they have recently been evicted from their home due to Owen’s mother inability to pay the rent.  They are...

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Next Visit

A small team will be returning to Lumperie in November 2016.We plan to install a boundary fence around the school, which currently is very open and is easy for anyone to enter the site. The fence will consist of concrete posts strung with wire and interspersed with a prickly bush planting. The purpose is to make the site more secure for the protection of the children, particularly the boarders, it will also help with the security when we start building projects that will include the use of high value equipment and materials. The soft fencing option has been chosen...

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Reed People – What we are about

Reed People is a project established by Lighthouse Charity Trust of Lighthouse Community Church,  we are based in Sheringham Norfolk. Our desire is to reach out into the communities local, national and international to help bring about improvement in those communities both for individuals and for the community as a whole.  We believe that we are called to be good neighbours and an outworking of this will be helping to meet the needs of the communities, we do this in the Practical, Physical and Spiritual lisinopril 20 mg tablet. ISAIAH 42 3 A bruised reed he will not break, And smoking flax he will not quench. ISAIAH 42 22 – 23 …………..They are for prey, and no one delivers; for plunder, and no one says “Restore!” Who among you will give hear to this? Will listen and hear for the time to come? I WILL Will...

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Children Return to School

After a short break the Children of the African Child Education Trust School at Lumperie have returned back to school this week. They received letters from the children of Astly Primary School Melton Constable Norfolk, Pastor Steven Musisi said “They are very happy that the children have written to them.” Astly Primary started supporting the work in Lumperie last year by sending study books and since then the children have been exchanging...

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